Star Wars Episode XVII – The Buried Prophet

In the years following the events of Episode XVI, the galaxy reached a state of general peace and comfort. The GAMLORD Society, having stepped forth from the shadows, began to act as a policing force throughout the galaxy. The Alliance of Free Worlds lost many of it's forces and transitioned from a military force, ceding that title to the GAMLORD Society, to an organization who's purpose is to promote diversity and freedom across worlds. 

Two new Jedi Academies have begun operating and taking on new students at a record rate because of the Force being shifted to the Light Side. One Academy is based on Planet Corisanlia and headed by Arani, the daughter of the Ancient Trinity. The students at this Academy are primarily Fulminar but all students are welcome. The other Academy is located on the planet Ossus and is headed by Avery Taloff, daughter of infamous scientist Jerund Taloff and wife of Grand Duke Vekis Meraska. The Ancient Charis resides at the Ossus Academy but, as with Trinity, stays out of the affairs of mortals fearing the ramifications that the War of the Ancients brought upon the galaxy.

The year is now 274 AWA, 158 years after the conclusion of Episode XVI. Five years ago, The Alliance of Free Worlds and the GAMLORD Society partnered together to open the first ever galactic trade school, simply known as The Open Academy. True to it's name, the Academy is open to all students, free of charge. The goal and hope is that this school, which resides on The Unnamed Station, will encourage a level of growth and prosperity unlike any the galaxy has ever known. 

You are a student at this school. Sent by your families to pursue a better future and learn a skill to carry you through a successful life. This is where your journey begins.

Star Wars Episode XVII - The Buried Prophet

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